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Fisher F7 Ltd Metal Detector

Woodland Dertectors favorite...Teknetics T2 LTD

Teknetics T2 Ltd   Performance, Quality and Superiority This is my personal favorite metal detector on the current market. I have used nearly every manufactures detecting device, and the Teknetics T2 LTD is by far the best all around professional

Price: $0.00
Black Wasp


The Wasp has every bell and whistle offered by Killer B’s. It has dual 41 position volume controls, high output 150 ohms speaker elements, external strain relief, larger diameter, soft to the touch control knobs, locking color coded toggles, a

Price: $0.00$129.95


      Units Available Now   The Tiger Shark uses microprocessor technology to create a true dual function machine. In Normal Mode, the Tiger Shark works like any other Tesoro detector. It uses the same great ground balance and

Price: $0.00
Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detectort

Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector

Outstanding all-around all-terrain hard-working detector!

Price: $525.00$446.25
Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

Tesoro Silver uMax

Offers strong, silent and simple performance, for wide variety of terrain and targets!

Price: $299.00$254.15

Tesoro DeLe'on

The DeLeón is a Target Identification Detector or T.I.D. The DeLeón is designed as an easy to use, turn-on-and-go detector. The faceplate has only four controls: Sensitivity, Discriminate, Threshold and a Mode Switch. It uses the same circuitry as the

Price: $0.00$599.00
Eurotek (8coil)-750

Teknetics® Eurotek®

Teknetics® Eurotek® Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range! Turn-On-And-Go, 3-Button operation Variable Iron Discrimination Lightning-fast recovery speed Motion Discrimination Detector Great target separation; excels in iron-infested sites MSRP $159.00 CALL 855-966-3563 For special pricing!   Relics Jewelry Coins

Price: $159.00

Teknetics Warranty Info Download

Warranty Registration Register for your industry leading 5 year warranty. Warranty registration automatically enters customer for a drawing of a FREE METAL DETECTOR Drawings held Jan. 15th and July 15th. Winner will be notified by email and announcement will be

Price: $0.00
Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

A high-performance multi-purpose professional metal detector.

Price: $1,049.00$849.00
T2 Limited Edition - Teknetics

Teknetics T2 Ltd

Woodland Detectors favorite!!! Ease of use, and pure professional power for Gold, Relics, and Coins!

Price: $1,249.00$1,049.00
Teknetics omega 8000 metal detector

Teknetics Omega 8000 Metal Detector

An excellent coin and relic machine from Teknetics!

Price: $729.00$599.00
Teketnics G2 Metal Detector

Teknetics G2

Provides extreme depth, as well as sensitivity to the smallest gold and silver targets!

Price: $849.00$749.00
EurotekPRO (8coil)-750

Teknetics Eurotek PRO

Teknetics® EurotekPro® Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range! Turn-On-And-Go, 3-Button operation FeTone® Adjustable Iron Audio Variable Iron Discrimination Variable Tone Breakpoint Lightning-fast recovery speed Great target separation; excels in iron-infested sites Pinpoint Mode with Depth Indicator (CM or

Price: $0.00$219.00

Tejon (Pronounced Tay-Hawn)

  We are very proud to introduce the Tejón. It features a high output transmit oscillator to push the signal deeper and an increased gain for sensitivity to smaller items. The Tejón was designed from the ground up with the

Price: $0.00$699.00
Green Stinger

Stinger Optima

The "Stinger" is a single cup headphone designed for anyone needing to hear what’s going on around you. It offers a snug fit but comfortable feel, the speaker element still pack a punch with a full 150 ohms impedance. It

Price: $0.00$94.95

Sand Shark

    Units Available Now   Our new Sand Shark combines time-proven PI circuits with the latest digital technology creating the first microprocessor controlled PI detector for the new Millennium. Pulse Induction (PI) detectors have always been the natural choice

Price: $0.00


        Treasure hunting with a Tesoro just became more versatile than ever. The Outlaw is an all-terrain multi-coil phenomenon which is available with a single 8" coil, or with a three coil bundle. With its 3 coil

Price: $0.00$515.00

Lobo SuperTRAQ ~ Grey or Brown

  Brown & Gold Lobo SuperTRAQ Grey Lobo SuperTRAQ   The Lobo SuperTRAQ is the pinnacle of electronic gold prospecting technology. No other detector gives you the fast, accurate and reliable ground tracking in normal and severe soils like the

Price: $0.00$799.00
Green Killer B II

Killer B ll Optima

Killer B II's have the same features as the Killer B except with Dual volume controls for those who have a big difference in hearing on either the right or left side. Killer B II's come in Green and pack

Price: $0.00$114.95